Be Peculiar !!!

Here is the key-note of our brand. We wish to embody the freedom to be yourself, the taste for adventure, stylishness and culture.

History and Philosophy

Being a collector fond of horology for many years, in 2013, I decided to create a French-made watch.

Helped and encouraged by fellow watch-makers, craftsmen and managers of French SME, I was able to give birth to my first range of watches called « Elie » (my son’s first name) sold by subscription in 2014.

This experience will remain in our minds and our hearts because it allowed  us to create a warm and regular contact with subscribers from all over the world.

A wonderful human experience, really !

In 2016, two new collections « Carrosse » and « Captain » were born. 

Two years later, we increased our collection with the watches « Captain Navy » .

In 2020, we established our workshop in Provence where our watches are now assembled.

This is where you can discover our own collections as well as clocks and watches made by independent French, Russian and German watch-makers.

In 2021, I also present an Olivier Jonquet range of women’s watches that can be seen online, on this website or -even better – come and try them on the next time you come to Provence !

The adventure goes on.

 Yours sincerely.

Olivier Jonquet


Each of our watches is conceived and made with the greatest care.

Our  enterprise ensures high level quality watches that won’t br available for all wrists because of lmited production.

Exclusive OJ hands, original cushion shape or crown shape watch-cases in steel 316L, sapphire watch glass, watch-straps made in France, Swiss or Japanese clockwork movement ; all the components are assembled and adjusted in the French town Tarascon, in Provence.

A 2-year warranty SAV and enough spare parts stocks ensure, if necessary, the sustainability of your watch.

This quality of materials and originality won’t go unnnoticed.